Reliable and optimized IoT gateway that makes your business get smarter itself.


Nesmote is the next level of data concept that will go further than any other applications.


Dashboard dedicated to the management of IoT networks and devices in your business


So how does theproduct work? 

Application integration

Get the data sent by our sensors in real time through our API to your database and create your own bigdata for vertical applications specialized in your sector to help you make a decision about what is happening at the control points and sensorisation.

Device Management

Generating large amounts of data requires a powerful data capture source management tool that can help you control how data is being captured, how you want to capture the data and the status of the devices used to take the information and send it to your data analysis applications.

Data management

All the information generated by the sensors can be retrieved in real time or later by connecting to your data instance using API in BBDD to be analyzed with their analysis tools for bigdata in their respective businesses.

Administration & security

Nespra IoT gateways communicate exclusively over SSL-encrypted connections and you can manage
encryption level at dashboard.

Connectivity management

Through the management platform you can see in real time the uplink traffic generated by your devices in the LAN / WAN, as well as a historical data by device.

Auto Data backup

With Nespra, you will have the option of storing your data in our cloud securely for a maximum of 3 years without associated cost, and you can recover your data anytime, anywhere.

Friendly UI

We use simple and intuitive dashboard where important information, events and devices are quickly visible

Free Updates

Our as-a-service service provides firmware updates on devices and new features and improvements to the dashboard continuously in an unattended and secure way.

Easy to Setup

The configuration of your IoTaaS solution is only a few clicks away.
It's easy to connect and re-register your devices. Through our nescloud, you only need a few steps to remotely control your Nesgates or Nesmotes, being able to control the sensors remotely and globally managing the endpoint platform.


A small cluster of Litmus Loop is tested for 500,000+ internet connected devices. And it can scale to Millions without a single challenge on your side.

How theproduct work? 


Connect your nesgate to Internet by wifi or ethernet and obtain IP by dhcp


Nespra devices automatically connect to the nescloud over SSL, register your network and download their configuration


Add your nesgate to nescloud and claim your license for this device


You have complete visibility and control over your devices and sensors connected over the web. Configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics, or view reports with a few clicks


Change type sensors connected at nesgate fast quickly without losing stored data and change, view or shutdown sensors


Connect your big data analysis software to nescloud data base by API and work with your data

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