If you have technical problems, contact Nespra technical support. You can find contact information at

Nespra supports its products. The following products have two (2) years warranty:

  • Nesgates
  • Nesmotes

All other hardware products (accessories) have a one year warranty, unless otherwise specified in the corresponding Nespra data sheet. During the warranty period, hardware with material defects will be replaced. To request a material return authorization (RMA), contact Nespra technical support. If your RMA application is approved, Nespra will send the replacement units within 15 business days of receiving your defective units. The customer must send the authorized material upon return to the address indicated in the RMA authorization. In case of not completing the return of the defective material to Nespra within 45 days, Nespra may issue an invoice with the equipment and material supplied in the RMA. If you do not find any problem, we will contact you before taking further action.