Connect any sensor with Nesmote and get the information online in real time

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Install Nesmote in less of 10 minutes


Connect the sensors to Nesmote and centralize the information in the cloud


Start receiving data from the sensor network in real time


Improve your production processes with the information received

You already have your operational sensor network!

Improve your production processes with Nesmote

Cost savings of a


Reduction of data capture errors of a


Amortized investment in


* Average values ​​based on historical data of our customers.


Smart industry

Smart cities

Smart buildings

Smart agriculture

Smart water

Case of success

How to save costs and time with an IoT system

Mineral Water San Benedetto has incorporated into its production process the Smart Water 4.0 system through Nesmotes connected to its mineral water wells. These allow them to create a system of intelligent management of the water resources in real time and remotely, avoiding displacements and centralizing the information of the different springs in the same control panel. Thanks to this they have achieved:

10 hours

of weekly travel savings


lower error rate in data capture


less waste of water resources

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