What is Nesgate?

Wireless Nesgates with LoRaWAN technology collect all the information, wirelessly, from the sensors and send it to the cloud (Neslcoud) via Ethernet or 4G connection.

The Nesgates don't need configuration, connect directly to the Nescloud and we can link them to our organization just by registering them on the platform, we will obtain the real-time information of the equipment in a few minutes, state of the connection, associated sensors, signal strengths, data consumption and network configuration among others.

How does it work?

Using LoRaWAN technology to communicate small electronic devices such as Nesmotes, Nespra Nesgate LoRaWAN allows in a single location to cover hundreds of wireless sensors over distances of more than 10 km. Nespra devices are designed to be used in Plug & Play mode, registering new sensors in a few minutes or using existing ones if available.

We can use the Nesgate with 4G connection or connect it directly to a data network with internet output to transmit sensor data to our cloud.

Beneficios de utilizar Nesgates LoRaWAN

IoT Edge Computing Text

Nespra LoRaWAN concentrators provide computing resources, such as storage space and processing power, as close as possible to the final Nesmotes and data generating sensors. In this way, the concept implies an optimization in the sending and processing of the data with significant cost savings.

Offline data storage

When there are cuts in communication with the Internet, the Nesgates continue to receive and store all the information of the Nesmotes and sensors in local mode, alerting the user that the device is offline. Once communication with the internet is restored, Nesgate will forward all the information to the control platform so that we do not lose a minute of our data.

Data encryption to/from the Nescloud

All data and control traffic generated by the Nesgates is encrypted using AES128 to ensure complete data security up to. Regardless of the type of connection or network used to connect the devices, you will always get privacy of your data from the source.

Plug & Play configuration

Configuration completely unattended by the technical team. Simply connected the equipment to an electrical and network power socket (Ethernet or 4G), the device will be connected to the Nespra control panel and will be displayed in the organization that the user has selected.


AES 128 encryption


Star topology


What is your model?

The Enterprise Nesgate provides extensive coverage within buildings, with optimal performance for IoT solutions that wish to connect thousands of nesmotes.


The Industrial Nesgate is a device for industrial environments that allows the deployment of a network of IoT sensors for applications that require greater coverage power, robustness and modularity.


The Outdoor Nesgate is specially designed for outdoor environments. Its IP67 features make it especially optimal for deploying long distance LooWAN IoT networks and providing connectivity to hundreds of nesmotes.


All nesgate incorporate 4G / Ethernet LTE connectivity

How to manage my sensor network?

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