The NesGate is a field device designed for local data capture and communication with Nescloud, data capture can be performed by two channels, by capturing sensors connected in their own analogue / digital interface and / or through The reception of data from a network of distributed sensors (NesMotes).

Because NesGate, in one of its modes of operation must be able to receive data and send them to the Cloud, behaves as node hub element that through its network communicates with all devices connected to it ("Zigbee Mesh ").

The NesGate has 3 basic functionalities:

  • Communication with the Cloud.
  • Communication with the sensor network
  • - Measurement and control of digital / analog signals. The communications with the Cloud are made through TCP / IP connection encrypted through TLS / SSL and can be done through Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, you must give the option of connecting the NesGate with the Cloud through a GPRS module, which can be connected only in case the client requires it and, therefore, should not be by default on the board. Communications with the sensor network are carried out by means of an optional Zigbee / Lora module on the board.

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